The Decision

If you feel inclined
Never decline
The urge
But surge

Do not remain passive
But be submissive
To the thought
As it can be comfortably be sought

Discourage an attempt
That stops you from being prompt
Take course in hand and act
That shall be good tact

If you feel it right
Go after it straight
Drive through the door
And land on floor

It shall be the decision
That has been made with precision
Action matters and not the thought
Even though how hard it might be fought

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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welcome Scott Ransopher, Erica Chamlee Just now · Unlike · 1
Alright im Angie5 minutes ago It was good. It almost felt like my tounge was gonna tie all in knots, you know like a tounge twister. But I would enjoy reading more of your work.