The Declaration Of Intransigence

we're your:
sworn enemies
masses in revolt
plotting together a campaign of sins
but You invade
divide and conquer
with your banner of love held high.
amidst a universe of rivals
you remain unrivaled.
how could anyone love their enemies?

we're your: sneezy snotty
needy whiny children
but You wash us down
restore us and renew us;
your wandering dirty ditzy sheep
your fully scattered flock
white clouds whooshing away from You.
we're desperate broken beggars
becoming scheming bright-eyed grifters
and reverting back again.
we believe we can fool a mindreader
but You trick us into loving You.

You play your trump card
You answer our self love with True Love
our pride with humility
our greed with generosity
our backwards with your forwards
when we say down, You rise up
when we seek blood, You give blood

You go down and down
until you die, only to return to blinding life

when will we give up?
when will you give up on us?
your Love makes no sense

by Justin Tang

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