The Decorous Damsel

Poem By Godspower Oshodin

As she dazzles around the path of beauty
Many Lads longing around her treaty
She fakes and fizzle thee intention
And smiles back at her retention.
She must be float upon her watery flow
That the heart of a man; from her will grow.
To my eyes multitude it has seen
This only, my heart is keen.

My heart is trampling around her place
I guess I’m groping on empty space
Soonest, this ill feeling will lace
Tis, maybe by loves grace.
Her smiles could wake my sleeping heart
That one day I’ll walk thru her love path.
Imperially slim, this young damsel
In solemn hearts, her beauty will tell.

In vain, many says I’ll walk
My cubic pen is set, for this poem to talk.
Will it walk thru and entice her?
Will it remains in her heart forever?
Maybe it will be stored in the bin of her futile stories
Or it will certainly be on the lay out of her love glories.
Beauty is truth; hers I’ll hold
From her, my love live will be told.

Courteous she is; morning and night
My heart for her is an unending fight.
Will she stroll with me during the test of times?
Or she’ll walk long for her beauty, it sublimes?
Am I in love with her, with her bountiful guest?
Or I’ll be left in limbo; not for her first?
She’s the fair and lay out of love
“With you I’ll be” is a resolve.

This feeling is ill, for this lonely heart
Left on the siege of my love impact
she’s here to bring me love again
I that say I’ll never love again.
I’m ambiguous; she comes from a noble race
How then can my love live be trace?
In this dungeon of love I fell
Ode to this decorous damsel!

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i like this poem. Keep writing

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