PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Deep Blue Sea

Love is such a wonderful thing,
It brings friends and lovers together,
It is brave even when in stormy weather.
It shines and colours the sky,
It is the deep blue sea that I swim in.
It is the joke that only a clown could make,
It colours the day and the sun,
Like a rainbow glowing across the sky.
And it's like an ice cream in summer,
It fills me with glee and the deep blue sea,
Wakes me up every morning,
With love in this heart,
For I have found what the whole world,
Is looking for: someone to understand and cherish,
And I shall not live alone,
For here I have found a home,
I have written out the scars of my heart,
I have seen inner truth and like what I see,
And love can be such a mystery,
Like the chords and key changes of a love song,
And I live my life and am free:
Free to enjoy everyday, no matter the season,
For swimming in the deep blue sea wakes me,
It refreshes me on harsh days,
Love making the whole world go round,
For I am richer than all the money in the world,
I have found someone who loves me wholly,
Someone who doesn't shout, scold or judge,
A heart filled with deep love,
Like the deepest ocean that I swim in.

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