The Deep

Submerged within this peaceful sea
where quiet death has crept.
The surface shimmered above me
from tears as Angels wept.

Rest and shelter in gentle arms,
her rapture encircling.
Serenity calms me with her charms
as lonely Sirens sing.

There's safety in the dark abyss;
the peace I yearn so much.
She lures me with an impassioned kiss
as I surrender to her touch.

by t.l. finch

Comments (2)

Every single word builds this scene, build this emotion, builds these thoughts. These lines are just an example of the beauty this poet is capable of creating: The deepest dream is of mad governors, Down, down we feel it, till the very crust Of the world cracks, and where there was no dust, Atoms of ruin rise.
Superb poem, I liked it thanks for sharing...10