The Defeated Kingdom

Poem By Khampa Boy

The kingdom in a mosaic of golden rays
Was once the paradise of happy days
Fields of greenery and soils soft creams
The mother of all, home of sweet dreams

Dawn sails for the day’s glorious king
Calling her children, she hails in ring
Birds sing for man’s ears do greet
And daisies everywhere kiss their feet

Rocks and rivers dancing on her bed
Over valleys and banks emotions are shed
Yet greedy crave human minds do roam
And gluttonous hunger their spirits foam

Now she hails no more with pride
For mellow fruits-blossoms opening wide
And the breeze bearing for fresh breath
Are drown filth with smoke to death

Each dawn of invention and discoveries
And every thought a thousand theories
I wonder how a better for worse future
Could mean to scrap every wing of nature

Sighing and sobbing with a facile tear
And jaded of her strength death near
In her naive voice, danger’s frightened calls
I wonder how her weak figure falls.

Comments about The Defeated Kingdom

smooth and refreshing...
you have made my dream to your vision, you have a sense of great freedom, awings of the wind that surf the venture of the future...i d love your poem..God bless and a star, rated 10 +++

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