The Defeating Of You

An echo of your descent, of your intimidation
Rings to fail, as I am raging to vent this frustration
No more can you take my body, to hurt and abuse
Never again will you be the colossus, to reduce

Fighting back again, with the hate you placed here
I can laugh at your running, of the unbridled fear
You cannot comprehend where, I found this in me
When bruises turn to weapons, a lethality to see

Over years of the pain and tears, I cried so much
A time you had me, I remove this disabling crutch
Sounds of my screaming, to blast you off your feet
Standing upon you, with my foot upon your defeat

Holding your heart high, and let the blood drip down
Upon your face like the tears I shed, under your crown
A bully is nothing, against the rage of the victimised
Nothing to be feared here, the tables are compromised

Forever your memories, of the hurting you bestowed
Shall be the meek verses, of the deliverance sowed
The seeds of your infection, I ripped from my veins
Poison of their toxicity, you shall drink without refrains

As even know my broken body, recovers from this
The sexual perversions, of your victimising bliss
Sick to my stomach, when your fingers were on me
Finding my weakness, to ravage me against my plea

Tearing out the worms, you put under my raging skin
For so long this hate has been coming, something akin
Your raping of me, has become the undoing of you
As my force is beyond the reckoning, for what is due

My recovery is sought, within the hating of you forever
Systematic destruction of everything, you shall endeavour
My scars shall remind, of how I overcame your cruelty too
My new way of living, shall always be the defeating of you

by Vision Ghost

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Such a strong and powerful message here, a turning of tables. This one brought up anger inside me, but also a feeling of overcoming something terrible, a feeling of victory, a lightening. A poem of hope and positivity. I enjoyed the way it progressed. A great read, VG. Well done. Love, Fran xx