The Defeatus War

A bell sounds, like the tapping of fingers, in my head
This to be the living dream? But reality this is instead
Sad that it maybe, for the forsaken are spoken of, so cruelly
That actions be resented, upon a clean slate broken, unduly

Though cowering was never my suit, it wore me somehow
Ship that sank upon maiden voyage, sunken heart, broken bow
Sing for the audience of one, a singular despatch of comfort
That recognition seen in the mirror of the face that still fought

Who it be, that may be hearing me now, a telepathic no one
A confider of the sins, and the deliverer I prayed for, faith gone
Stone is the colour of this face, a complexity of simple pains
Drawn to the light, to see the candle snuffed, just as I made gains

A job, undone and a force, reckoned, to be my undoing element
Every time be a suffering, brought upon by third, party, consent
Drunk and weary, text writes to the soul, from the suffering insight
Wishing the arms, of the truly loved one, to embrace my plight

Take me away from here, and grant me something, for pity sakes
May your wings covet my tortured shell, so my soul can, reap the stakes
Is this too much to ask of an angel, somehow, somewhere you see this
Don’t leave me here, to perish this way, oh my friend find me the bliss

Bring me to my feet, so I may be reminded of walking, once more
Even be the price for your service, I would be happy even when poor
Can you congregate around me; take the world away, for a damn second
So whatever crimes I’ve committed, be that I am for a moment, pardoned

Whilst my struggle be, it true, to your defence, I cannot witness my death
The courage that eludes me, to scorn my own life and, exhale final breath
The demons that play upon me, with mercy or reckoning pause of torment
This a suffering I must endure? To earn that of the paradise of angelic, lament

Albeit then I conjure the force within me, to find my intellectual muscle again
To fight with the new becoming, a stronger will, by means of defeating, the pain
As I rise to be here forever, don’t tell me your truth, your perception is of lies
You can break this body apart, but the spirit is something, that never, ever dies

by Vision Ghost

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