The Witch

TOIL and grow rich,
What's that but to lie
With a foul witch
And after, drained dry,
To be brought
To the chamber where
Lies one long sought
With despair?

by William Butler Yeats

Comments (5)

those worls are so powrful so meanful this is the grates poem i ever read i love love love this poem
Fantastic! I wish I had your restarint I'm a bit gushy needy and begging when it comes to men, so much better to say little and retain dignity!
your pain is put into words. Words that everyone in the world are too afraid to say or even put in a sentence, you have beautifully put down. Your personal demons fighting each other, leaves the reader thinking how many times has he let you down and will you ever tell him, how many times have you fought with yourself about telling him that he is hurting you, brilliant.
This is short, and yet speaks strongly. You should be proud of that- few people can speak so strongly in do few words.
I think everyone thats ever been lied to and brushed things off because they cared for someone could relate to this. I always learned that no matter how much you can love someone if they dont love you just the same thats far from the defintion of true love. I really like this poem.