As Watchers Hang Upon The East


As Watchers hang upon the East,
As Beggars revel at a feast
By savory Fancy spread—
As brooks in deserts babble sweet
On ear too far for the delight,
Heaven beguiles the tired.

As that same watcher, when the East
Opens the lid of Amethyst
And lets the morning go—
That Beggar, when an honored Guest,
Those thirsty lips to flagons pressed,
Heaven to us, if true.

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (6)

There's a deep holiness in these words, the greatness of the I am is a flowing river of soul that runs through everything, everyone, everyday. Alive, very much alive. GREAT poem, by a great writer/thinker.
This sings! Walt Whitman would have so approved of this!
Good rhyme n your poem, I enjoyed it.
How delightful! Refreshing and uplifting.
A good poem in such philosophical contexts.
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