Poem Hunter
The Delightful Mistletoe
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Delightful Mistletoe

There is a plant we use at Christmas time
But I’ll bet you probably know
That it grows just around Christmas
And that plant is the Mistletoe

Its leaves are broad and green
Though romance is attached to it
I’ll bet you’d be amazed to know
It’s nothing but a parasite

It grows in clumps and attaches
Itself to certain nearby trees
Doesn’t seem to hurt anything
Just hitches a ride for free

Its berries are sticky and white
And adds to our Christmas décor
When you consider why it’s used
What more could we ask for?

And the birds, oh how they love
Those white and sticky berries
They dropp the seeds on landscape
More grow like the help of fairies

So on this Christmas season
I thought you’d like to know
The story behind the plant called
The delightful Mistletoe!

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