JG (5th July 1988 / Manchester, England)

The Demon Who Haunts My Sleep

I lie,
Wide awake.
Yet another sleepless night lies ahead.
Im anxious of his visit,
As I watch Family Guy in my bed.
A flash,
A flicker,
And off goes the screen.
Im terrified,
Unable to move and unable to scream.
There I lie,
Frozen to the core.
And every time Im just as scared,
Even though I bin here time and time before.

Then He appears,
The Demon who haunts my sleep.
Dark and hooded,
Misshaped and deformed.
The very sight will make you weep.

He holds me down with an invisible force,
And I cant fight or flee of course.
I try'n shout,
My mouth n throat are dry,
As if filled with sand.
His eyes start to open,
They're filled with the fires of hell,
And then he starts to raise his hand.

His skin is rotten,
Its burnt,
Dark and charred.
It matches his face which is deformed and scarred.
He reaches out and covers my eyes,
Now Im blind.
I can feel him scratching deeper,
Into the corners of my mind.

Who is He?
Why does He haunt me so?
What is it He is looking for?
Will He ever go?

As the final stages approaches,
My body goes into shock,
Im freezing!
I arch my back,
A thousand needles pierce my skin,
And I stop breathing!

I break free,
He goes and Im awake.
My heart beats like a steam train,
And my whole body aches,
Every time Im just as scared as I was the time before.
There's no hiding my fear,
When the Demon who haunts my sleep,
Comes floating through my door.

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it is a new style i came across so far. after all, this would fit more of a writing, essay. however, still, its very descriptive. Family guy? a local show, however, sometimes, i think, it would be better to be more general. like reading a book, watching a show, thinking of you, act like a fool. etc. yea. not trying to say with any sarcasm though. yea. thanks, for your critiques too! ! !