The Departure In The Woods.

It was under this ancient ocean of a sky
beside a sun dried wind whipped dying
old oak, youth finally bid me farewell,
what to be its replacement I could not tell.

The grass below seemed thicker and darker
the voice in the wind felt deeper and sharper.
What once was a perfect place to hide and play
now appeared as dull and unrememorbale as grey.

The forests playground with all its climbing frames
that once held host to many woodland games.
Now replaced by a patch of tired bent looking trees
that carpeted the floor with rotting curled leaves.

Even the birds had changed their cheery tune
a cold melancholy song unfitting for June.
Abondoned in a a once familiar retreat
dead leaves danced around my feet.

Things that once appeared so very high and grand
where now within the reach of my hands.
All that I had yearned for and imagined
dissapeared into nothing as if they never happened.

And as I left that now alien place
the wind ushered me on my way
For that place was now in the past and I had no need to stay.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

Very very nice Vincent. A melancholy poem, reminiscing, but one can never go back, only forwards. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Love Ernestine XXX
A fresh angle on this nostalgic theme. I've enjoyed it, Vincey. I'd enjoy it more though if there was consistency in the rhyme and meter. I also feel that the last section could be converted into a four-liner along with the others. I mean this constructively, Vincey. Best wishes, Gina.