The Departure Of A Righteous Soul

In doubt I lived
For several days
And countless hours
When I heard that
You finally left.
Sometime I asked, bitterly
That who was next,
I never knew
That it would be so close.
Then you appeared
In a paper
Pasted on the wall before me.
I looked at you
And you smiled.
I anticipated your enunciation
But you just kept mute.
It was as if
I was abducted
By somnambulism
Or something nearer to it.
I wept uncontrollably
Like a rain of destruction.

There you were
Lying stilly and breathlessly
In your expensively embroidered coffin,
Looking much more alive and fresh.
And the little children,
Deriving pleasures and fun
As they touched your friendly toes.
A corpse? No!
That, you were not to them.
They hushed and said,
“Daddy is sleeping, do not disturb him.”
Severally, these they said.
Honestly, that was you
When life still dwelt in you.
Love, you actually showed
Even in your state of death.
And so you made them conquer
The scary fear of death.
The blind definitely saw
That even in death,
God’s spirits never departed
From your righteous body.

by Lekan Malik

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