The Desert

I wander through the Sahara Desert
with a dark cloud following me around,
I feel as if someone is watching me- -
A dark, black feeling all around me,
as if my shadow has blood shot eyes,
with a burning fire in them.
When it rains, it pours
developing this rage and disease.
I am poisoned with lead throughout my body
affecting every ounce of blood within me,
everything except my heart that is,
due to the fact that it's pure- -
it might be broken at times, but pure
and that's what keeps me going.
I have the potential to cross the other side
since there's this evil feeling within
just ready to let out all sorts of rage.
I feel that I can make a deal
with this shadow following me to the crossroad
And granting me immediate happiness,
but it is not worth me giving up
my soul for eternity
and just let it burn for temporary happiness.
I feel as if my demons are getting
the best of me as of late
but then I look up in the sky
that is covered in oil, and I see
A light shining down,
I look to see where it is hitting
and then I notice a tree, full of life
in this miserable desert.
Then I realized, then and there
That I will not give into
my demons and temptations surrounding me.

by Brian Moore

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