LY (08-22-1951 / between the lips and thighs in Montreal)

The Desert Obliterated By Her Voice

like a desert i sleep
then come the sudden rains
torrents that stir dormant or dead
seeds and roots and
flowers again begin to bloom
along once dry cortical crevices,
now raging neurotransmitter river
while mysterious as the path
taken by plants following the sun
my arm reaches the telephone
that is ringing like rain
and there is your sound
a subtle arcane vibration
enters my ear,
an incantation that brings forth
from absolutely nothing
but air
such holy emanations….

a kabbalistic rant
that turns the wheel of
chlorophyll and light
into photosynthetic motion
bearing me down from a darkened womb
into the clear
of night
with the alchemy of we and am.

(April 1,2005)

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