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'The Destine Mother'

I hate to love you
But I can't pay you the care you have given me
Ashamed to call you mother,
You are a disgrace to womanhood
Mother! I see you roam in the street with different men
Men who are no older than me

You and me, like fear and bravery,
We can't share the same path.
Walking with the leaning face down to no surface
As I by-pass the street.
Head down like sorghum in ‘Patira' farm,
I cannot stand to see the abomination you commit
With no any mature descendants of' Girpir and Labongo'

The dark black lips you swallow,
The Satan's curse tears you drink, where not meant to be like that, mother!
I rather say no word than to called you mother
You gave birth to me as a deserving child, with decency, honesty or even spiritual child
A child with dignity, loyalty, and respectable trait.
Now I froze in a dent of laughter, because the only mother of the crane is a prostitute.

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