The Destined Day

Why did I reach for that box so covered in dust from the past?
Why did I open and read the promises that lay inside each letter and card?
You have no idea what you did to my life do you?
You have not a clue or at least could not care less about the damage you left
So many words you said so carelessly without the intention of living even one
Those that you so freely expressed with no intelligence or forethought
For the true meaning together with the emotion contained within every one.

You took my heart that I gave to you trusting you would keep it safe
While in your hands you chose to close your grip slowly squeezing tighter
Until you crushed any love or life it once contained leaving me gasping
You turned and walked over me killing any part that you may have forgotten
If I now search to find words or feelings that best describe what I see in you
I see emptiness in your heart and soul – you are worthless and insignificant
Your day will come around and you will be faced with your destined karma
Just when you least expect it fate will smack that smile right off your face.

August 10th 2006


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