The Devil's Due

Did you sell your soul
For a sensual smile
On a younger model
With a wayward style
That makes you feel young again?

Does she make you tingle
Make you lose your mind
Make you think you're single
But she's not your kind -
There's a 20 year age gap!

So now your thinkin'
With your other head
Here she comes a winkin'
Might as well be dead
Because you will be soon

As the devil wants you
And you cannot run
Even though you want to
Now your life's undone
Was it worth the price you'll pay?

Did you sell your soul
For a few hot nights
With some clueless bimbo
Reality bites.........
Now there'll be hell to pay

'Cause the game is over
And your number's up
No more days of clover
Life's an empty cup...............
And the devil wants his due.

by Linda Ori

Comments (3)

'So now you're thinking with your other head'! ! I Guys never learn. That about sums us up. Very finely written morality poem. Smooth but with loads of bite. xx jim
Heavy stuff, Linda... this is sure to hit home with a lot of people. Very well done! Brian
Well said Linda! It's a different story when a woman gets a toyboy huh? Hugs Anna xxx