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The Devil's Final Stare

I'm no longer the ace.
That time has come and went.
A sideways look gets even more bent.
I'm better him.
I'm more of a fighter then he has ever been.
I'm not alone, there is a million souls just like me.
Work, sleep, pay, then with what time is left play.
What a wasted, so tired of day after day.
Things now are going to change.
Whos on top will now drop.
Like ballons they be popped.
Replaced with something more stable, capable, willing, and able.
Can you feel it in the air, this is not your ace.
This time something different has been embraced.
A ghost out of the shell and into to light.
Let me give you fright.
Raise your torches tonight.
Inciting a riot, yes it is a worthy crime.
And I've come to dine upon something so fine.
Creating life where it would never be.
Pulling the strings of destiny.
Screaming can you hear me, in the echos of silience.
It's so sad to see when have resort to viloence.
But don't ever past me, for I am a demon in sheeps clothing.
And given the chance I will take everything and crush it into oblivion.
A do over from scratch.
I bet I can beat you to the escape hatch.
This is not an another ace to play but a change, it's more then a different name.
It's a calling to all to join in the final fall.
Erased, the empires gone.
A hunter becoming the hunted.
Tables turn, what did I say before?
Oh yeah, it is my turn.
A fox in the hen house.
This is my battle field, come join me if you think it has been unfair, odds even beware.
This is the devils final stare.

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