The Devil's Finger

I’ve heard about it
I feel something within
The birds fly away overhead
It whispers in the wind

I climb up on a hilltop
So I can look around
And then I see it coming
The devil’s finger coming down

Dark clouds in the sky
Debris blowing around
I start to run
The hail is coming down

I found the devil’s finger
And it’s ripping up the trees
With it’s breath everything in it’s path
And it’s coming straight for me

I have got to hide
I have got to run
It sounds like a roaring engine of plane
And the devil’s works not done

I fall to the ground
I fall into a hole
I close my eyes as it goes by
But it’s breath scares my soul

Then the wind is calm
And I open my eyes
The wind is still and I’m here still
And I still have my life

I have heard about it
But I never dreamed
The twisting finger of the devil
I heard it whisper in the breeze.

by Bill Simmons

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