The Devil's Path

Poem By art kuttler

I have seen the devil's path
i have walked it in my past,
it's paved with deceit and
fenced with lies, so many
walk this path, rich men
poor men, mother's and
daughter's, even religious
men i have past, lost on
the devil's path, this path
of free love drug's and
alcohol, iv seen it all
done it all, like lost
sheep we wander a stray
till one day we see the
light, start living right
following a path paved
with gold and fenced with
hope, leading us to god
and all that is great all it
takes it a little faith
Copyright © 2007

Comments about The Devil's Path

We all walk on the devil's paths. I think there are more than one, but I am forced to think about those who are walking the Devil's path and think they are not.

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