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The Devil's Playground

The Devil's Playground

I stepped into the devil’s Playground around 1979
When they copulated and created me did they think I was born to shine
Did they know if would survive the challenges over the passing of time
Apparently you don’t understand
They said God created this world
Well, he may have created it
But the devil turned it into his playground
He sounds each day with his triumphant trumpet
“Goin to take me a few souls t’day, ” he says
So he begins each day with a new play
He whispers that crime pays
He lurks in the shadows with street pharmaceutics for the soul
Seeking ways to help us lose control
If that’s a toll that I need to pay
Then I scream to God in the sky
Please, keep him away

Look, I like sports just like the next man
But a game of gunfight can’t help me man
The playbook is far from sealed
The X’s and O’s are our young men and women
The ball is our temptations in this life we living
The commitment to teamwork is our souls in giving
Most of those who know better watch from the sidelines
Mere spectators
Instead of helping to coach our youth
They spend eternity hiding the truth
Politicians, they far from help
They fix the game and gamble away our lives
But I tell you this
A day will come
When the ball is in their court
And they just can’t rule it
And the devil loses by a wide margin

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