RAJ ( / Wichita Falls, Texas)

The Devils Run

The girls all like to have fun
To play all night the devils run
Centered on Broad St is where they all come
Sugar Daddies, Dreamers and Hot Rods all for fun

The girls got their Bikinis
The boys got their cars
When the light turns green
Hell Raisers, Become Hell Chasers

The final race has just begun
It is all brass peeling ass
Then comes the Green chaser
Keeping its name and playing the game

Its the devils run they call it
Because at the end of the hill
Your car better glide
Or it will spit dust - when it collides

It is really the devils advocate
Because of all the traffic
Hots Rods, Bikers and Movie Stars
Taking the sunshine in, making wheels their friend!

The girls seem puzzled
Because they know there is really no end!
Because they got to compete
Just like Billy Bob, Willie Nelson, and Charlie Pride

Things are looking up
When the began to glide
All Brass spitting dust
On the Green Chaser

Chaser becomes the leader racer
With a hard turn to the right
All lose their might
Except the car I call the Racer

It is better known as the devils delight
Because of its speed in Mid Flight
Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, and Billy Bob
All win the Fight

They give their strength back
To their cock pit
When wheels of steele
Become Heavens Good-Night!

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