SJ (1991 / arizona)

The Devils Wratch, God's Joy

There is a heart in my heart,
and i hold it so desperately,
I Hold it So Desperately,
There is no comprehension.

I am desperate for my heart,
I believe it left me,
I don't care about you anymore,
I don't care about me or anything,
nothing has a purpose,
we are all going to die,

My heart has returned to me and I love you and i'm sorry,
I need God,
I need my freedom,
I will never be a conformist,
and you are special to me,
I care with every inch of me,
or do i...

I am desperate for my heart,
it's left me again and it's stupid,
it only made me care about stupid things,
things one should not care about,
I am better then everyone,
hear me roar,
feel my wrath of anger unleash upon you,
be completely,
or should you...

My heart has returned to me and i am overjoyed with contentment,
I am special,
everyone is so incredibly special and unique,
God loves them and god loves me.

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