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The Dew Drops
VG (5-5-1950 / meerut, india)

The Dew Drops

Poem By vijay gupta

It was 5: 30 AM of an early morning.
I was enjoying morning walk.
Sun rays were ready to say bye- bye to the night.
Fragrant air was walking with me.
Pair of Rabbit, squirrel, birds and flowers meet me in the way.
I saw some dew drops were on the petal of flowers.
They were as calm as everything was calm at the time.
In the twilight dew drops were twinkling like stars.
I know their magic end is just to come.
Sun rays will be their death warrant.
The human beings are also just like dew-drops,
They come & lives like dew drops on the earth.
They went away like strangers from the earth.
Vijay Kumar Gupta

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