(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

The Dichotomy Of You

You were all things
(suddenly) and (at once)
the angry scratch
of a match

yet the beautiful smile
of the candle’s flame
soothing and hushing
the darkness

laughing and playing
among shadows.
You were as open
as any book

yet hid behind
many a cover.
(I didn’t judge you) .
You were a beautiful lover.

You were as honest
as sincerity
yet sly...treacherous...mysterious
as any dark secret can be.

Funny enough...
you brought out the best
in me.
You were a train
arriving or leaving
a station.

You were many a cancellation.
(...caused great consternation!)
Yet you were my one and only

You were my sunlight.
You made everything bright.
You were my night sky
...my constellation.

You could be an
or the latest manufactured singing sensation.
Your love was just
enough...to make a difference.

You were my only choice...my preference.
You were so
surreally REAL

yet totally...utterly
You were so

yet incorrigibly plural.
You were a little pet

were simply
and I
loved you

for it.

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