The Difference

Poem By Lidya Tunggala

Time to look up through windows, full moon shown late
It’s neither raining nor snowing
Heart stops beating at the moment
They said it’s a strange night....ah, I think it’s an inspiration

Women cried, souls once called them bitch, who don’t?
Hide behind word imperfect, just repeating mistakes
Starts with a smile, she is laughing right now
They said she’s crazy....ah, I think she’s a professional

Fighting over one bowl of rice, spitting others face
Fire, Shot, Kill, washing hand with blood
Sound of sirene filled almost entire planet
They said they’re doing crime...ah, I think they’re just unlucky

When there is no more hope...walk slowly, close your eyes
Paint the lightest light in the darkest dark
Soon all scenes should be clear
If you see the differences, We could change the world....

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