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The Difference
RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)

The Difference

you see, I'm African
they're just black

i work to achieve
their works won't gain that.

i've learned to accept
the things I can not change

they anger and swell
when misspelled their name.

i'm feisty and honest
i test and jest aptitude

they're fresh and rude
to upset neutral mood.

we're all grouped together
the caramel, brown and black

but I'm just African
and no color contains that.

oh, don't forget
the arabs and mixed ones

their African too
but alternate for selective outcomes.

shunned by the sun
blessed by its rays

i walk in the light
and thank God for rainy days

they help me appreciate
and reminisce on beams

truly blessed by melanin
so darkest racism breeds liberating dreams.

the difference is clear
once you hear my heart

i'm nicer than those redbones
and cooler in the dark.

i don't smile at you
if we're not friends

but if I love you
my smiles simply won't end.

so grab your bag
and wait for the next ride

cross the street
so you won't cross my eyes

say mean things
in your native tongue

and i'll still be African
though black you see, now till time is done.

the difference is
i'm Reginald B.

and so much stronger
than the world wanted, -i'm free...

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Why so many people read this poem is beyond me, but I appreciate your attention to detail...