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The Differences We Have
DB (12/08/1988 / Melbourne Australia)

The Differences We Have

Why do some love?
While others hate?
Is it our differences or just fate?
Can we learn to share and care?
Trust our neighbours and try to be fair?

I’ll take blame for wars and fights
Coz im not perfect and not always right.
But hear me out this time round
Theres no cure, not one has been found
So heres and idea we should try
But that means us all,
and that’s no lie

Join our hands and forget whats history
Live for today and forgive your foes
The smell future with your nose
It could be dirty it could be clean
But what we do now is what will be seen

Where not here for long
But can still make a change
Forfeit our battles and correct the strange
Steal from the rich and give to the poor
Erase the need for a lock on the door.

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