MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

The Dignified

They are the dignified who being elevated,
Speak among the folk low, low and very low;
Like the laden loaded limbs of a tree of fruit,
To the ground with the wind bend and bow.

Their hands distribute the treasures of God,
To seek His pleasure they respect mankind,
They do not chase wealth to quench appetite,
They give their eyes, their sight to the blind.

They are who share others woe and worries,
They sacrifice the dainty delicious delights,
The kind hearts breathe the air of divine fear,
They always soar to gain marvelous heights.

Their eyes are open, they are not curtained,
With the thick black blinding layers of pride,
They match their consent with Almighty Will,
Submitting themselves throwing Satan aside.

They are happy when humanity is pleased,
They are depressed when the fellows pass,
Through the vile valley of pains and pangs,
Through scratching thorns, balding grass.

They are the iron-wall in font of oppressors,
They care least for their belongings and life,
Fortitude, patience are their sharp weapons,
For the Right they pick up the sword or knife.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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