(2 September 1850 - 4 November 1895 / St Louis / Missouri / United States)

The Dinkey Bird

In an ocean, 'way out yonder,
(As all sapient people know)
Is the land of Wonder-Wander,
Whither children love to go;
It's their playing, romping, swinging,
That give great joy to me
While the Dinkey-Bird goes singing
In the amfalula tree!
There the gum-drops grow like cherries,
And taffy's thick as peas--
Caramels you pick like berries
When, and where, and how you please;
Big red sugar-plums are clinging
To the cliffs beside that sea
Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree!
So when children shout and scamper
And make merry all the day,
When there's naught to put a damper
To the ardor of their play;
When I hear their laughter ringing,
Then I'm sure as sure can be
That the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree!
For the Dinkey-Bird's bravuras
And staccatos are so sweet--
His roulades, appoggiaturas,
And robustos so complete,
That the youth of every nation--
Be they near or far away--
Have especial delectation
In that gladsome roundelay.
Their eyes grow bright and brighter,
Their lungs begin to crow,
Their hearts get light and lighter,
And their cheeks are all aglow;
For an echo cometh bringing
The news to all and me,
That the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree.
I'm sure you like to go there
To see your feathered friend--
And so many goodies grow there
You would like to comprehend!
Speed, little dreams, your winging
To that land across the sea
Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree!

by Eugene Field

Comments (2)

I came across the dinkey bird in the works of Charlotte Macleod - I don't think the book has been available in Australia, so I had to use Google to find out where it came from. Thanks. Jacqy
I was born in 1936.. as a child I had a book of children's poems.. and how I loved the poems in that book.. published I believe by Whitman Publishing in Racine Wisconsin.. I still have it on the headboard of my bed.. and one of my most favorite poems was the Dinkey Bird by Eugene Field.. lately the key line in the poem (and the Dinkey Bird was singing in the amfalula tree) has been racing around in my mind.. thank goodness for google and for the internet.. because of them I found the poem.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PoemHunter.com.. smiles.. baba kaps.. India traveller..