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The Discord [r]
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Discord [r]

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

Alone at night with all the day's words said - I'm ready
for bed but memories arise & impatient to be rehashed:
mom asking what was accomplished; mom complaining
about the Duchess doing her own work, scrubbing and
cleaning, mom saying she should have used her time so
much better - what a WASTE!

This is some strange mothering - and it's into my mind
- what have I accomplished that will last since routine
jobs don't count? What books have I read, what new
skills are mastered? And my reply comes ashamed -
nothing; cleaned - watched TV and wondered about
dreams, beating myself up, then I remember Seth's

Words: the best New Year's resolution should be to
approve of myself, my likes and dislikes, abilities &
disabilities, failures & accomplishments - because
they have been created for a reason: and I sigh,
approving myself after a day like this is difficult -
but if it has to be done, let me hasten to add -

I approve of me with my ability to go overboard
and send my family running from the discord…

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Great words & poem. Thanks.