SJ (1991 / arizona)

One Tree! ? !

He planted a seed.
Whether by night or day, a seed that grew to become a big tree to day
ohhh how i wish you could see this tree, but for now just imagine
One tree! ? ! so many branches….
They stretch across the sky all the way into heaven to build the angels benches
One tree! ? ! so many leaves….
They shade the whole entire earth from the sun rage when the clouds take their leave
One tree! ? ! so many fruits……
No child in this world goes hungry any more because this tree could feed the universe, and this world with just one fruit
One tree! ? ! so many roots……
They spread the earth and run deep, so deep to form fences between hell and earth so no one gets out terrorizing our branches and spoil our fruits
One tree! ? ! so one trunk......
But so many different roots, so many different branches, many leaves too but the same kind of fruits.

In loving memories Of Br. Yunus
A father, a friend, an uncle, and a mentor
May Allah forgive him his sin
And may he rest in peace
Every one say Amin! ! !

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Hello. Too much botheration before a way out. Try reading my love poems and comment as well. Thank u
Trust your heart, dont doubt any believe you have to God, Distance of persons we may feel when someone unreachable but distance of God when you cant feel the faith presence in your soul...There is always a way for you to start a new life a new day...He is the most merciful and forgiving...we did mistake and we just human but we are giving chances to improved as long as we still have time to breathing here now...Wish you someday the emptiness will be filled with joy once you found what you need....cut the distance, short the gap.Nice write_Unwritten Soul