The Distant Thinker.

Because we‘ll cross at crossing and talk of nothings, sucking on sucky sweets, wrapped in wrappings that we found at the back of your car.
And because we’ll sit in stillness as time washes through us, I’ll tune my bass and you’ll play your guitar.
Those couples that touch and rub, and make out their feelings are nothing but love, and we’ll just laugh because we can, because you put your hood up and cried into the lining of your coat.
Waiting for buses to stop at plastic posts and pretending we’re the type of folks that live in high places and know all the faces, because we can and we do.
And because you stare out bus windows at houses and forgotten pensioners that merge with trees and drift into the distance.
And I’ll just stand, another one of the clan, waiting forever for you.

by Livi Topley

Comments (2)

Wow, blown away by your poetry, this one is beautifully bittersweet.
This reads like a novel but a good why not?