NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

The Divine Market

As the morning mists finds its way
through a maze of suns golden ray
soft strains of veena in itsdivine glory
Tiptoes in our souls decked in all finery

Servants of gods rush to stand by
As gods cherish the first meal
qued up devotees wash the life sins
churning, reflecting, discarding into an eternal bin

the pond murmurs with ripples
hurry of pilgrims and the rituals
prayers on lips the souls to bare
mantras with a little meaning to share

the uncut, the purest and the gods
when people found them residing as lords
have for long given way to the metals
the concrete and the lifeless mannequins

Gods have grown to be be the barons
of businesses that the innocent brings
Miracle Stories, untold myths, folk tales
weave around them as commerce blare and sing

Wonder how the peaceful connect between the divine
and the parched souls of common and the weak needs
in temples filled with frenzy and noise and commotion
amidst rituals and lustful sway of filth and greed

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