The Dock Of The Bay. An Ode To Otis

Sitting by the quay with the sunlight in the sky
watching great ships just sailing by.
Big ships tall ships ones from foreign places
with all important cargo made by different races
Sitting by the quay or the dock of the bay
on a beautiful sunny day, just watching the tide
roll away. Otis you could do no wrong when you
wrote that everlasting song. There is a dock in every
country from England to Hong Kong.
Sitting by the quay with gulls screaching above
wondering what words to write, wherever it be
passion or love. Sitting on the dock of the bay
is the end to a perfect day. With a red sky at night
who needs a torchlight when life becomes a bonus
away from the hustle and bustle.Otis your life painted
a picture of ships that went sailing by. My life paints
a picture of you and it will never die. I have seen the
quay or the dock of the bay, it is a great memory
that will never fade away. On a sunlit day when you
have time to pass away just go and sit on the dock
of the bay.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (3)

in my own collection, his song is one of the few lyrics I've bothered to re-read from time to time. love your poem. -Tailor
Nice, nice one. Lovely song, and a lovely poem to compliment it. Love Ernestine XXX
Sittin' on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away! Sittin' on the dock of the bay, Wasting time, Wasting time! I, too love Otis Redding's song, and I am so glad the Snail does too, cause it made you write this poem, wasting time! ! ! Thanks, Sweet Rosie Posie, for sharing it with us!