AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)

The Doctrine Of Span

The doctrine of span

In the hasty of the terrene we live,
The assessment of life we live in
Welcome to the new age past well-lived upon is dragged.
Implanted in turbulence that no one can brand.
What is the principle of meeting otherin life?
You constantly wonder why?
Proceedings may seem sofactual in extent.
But gloom falls and everything vanishes like mist.
Everyone cherishes the departed feeling..
It is the doctrine of time.

Visualize living a real world.
Meeting a dream helpmate,
Everything seemingly well,
Then suddenly time takes a toll,
Time to uproot what was once planted,
Time to harvest what was once seeded
No one is there to save the day,
It has to recur,
The whistle is blown, game over.
Time goes and stay behind at the same time.
Nothing under the sun can do that,
When time leaves with what it used to have,
It leaves behind feeling and agony.
It will not matter distance or years in counting.
Passion drags people in time,
And still people can leave their past in memories.
Trying to hide under shadow of their words,
Claiming to be over the past
But only cipher knows the bitter truth.
Be elsewhere and there is precision in words.
People still misjudge them for being mere.
Character graduates to a personality.
Out of the blue personalities denounce that.
All they forget is everything starts but again cease.
Boxing peopleretire after certain years to dine with time.

Time is hot and cold
Time is volatile
Charisma breaks depending on bearings,
People renounce some queer proneness,
Maybe because odds denounce the envy of their doings.
So t becomes essential to hang up the boots.
But sometimes intervals shoulder back old personalities,
It's not because they cravefor that,
But because of necessity.
All is and will be inhumed in their blood.
When the flesh is bruised,
The gush is for them to agonize.
No tour can eradicate it
Hence a doctrine of tide.

Time the healed as their concept
Timediscomforts in separation,
Better in time on modes.
Yet words with virus and cancer.
Time shifts situations for achievers,
And still burdens people if they fizzle in life.
Everything in all suffers to the doctrine of Span.

by Alison Mujati

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