JR (04/10/1991 / Shakopee, Mn)

The Doll

thru the darkness there was a light,
it beakoned to me with its grace.
then i heard a voice,
soft and siren like an angels voice.
then i saw a face,
the most beautiful face i have ever seen.

but now that i am here past the light,
i can see this for what it is.
the light was a lie,
it was nothing but pain.
the voice spoke in tounges,
empty promises and words.
the face i held dear,
now just a big blank mess.

what did i see in this?
how could i really have found someone,
someone to call mine and be mine forever.
someone i would not have to fake anything with,
but they were a lie.
made of my dreams and my fears,
only here to hurt and destroy the last thing that i held dear.

thou my heart has fallen today,
the body will go on.
no heart no soul and no emotions,
just a big empty doll.

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