The Donkey And His Shadow

A Traveller hired a Donkey. It was a Hot Afternoon. He and Donkey's Master were looking for Shade.
No sooner they were looking for Shade than they Saw Donkey's Shadow
Said The Traveller to Donkey's Master
'' Your Step needs Correction
Right now the Donkey is Mine Hence it will go on my Instructions.''
The Donkey's Master said
'' It may be right That it is on Hire
But You need to improve your mistake Faster
Because I Am Donkey's Master.''
Both Started Fighting. The Donkey Ran Away.
Just like The Traveller and Donkey's Master. We fight over Small issues.
Let's Hope We don't lose Patriotism
I Proud to be Indian.

by Rohan Bendre

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A great poem, like it, a great write.