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The Door

I always see the same people
Every day, Every week, Every year
But I don't think they see me
I try to look past it all
At a door to the end
A door which has never been opened
The same door has left me trembling
I want to reach it
But I need the motivation
All the people who I see
Every day, Every week, Every year
Block the door
Like a sea of bouncers
Confiscating my motivation
With distractions everywhere I turn
I need a new motivation
To get myself out
Out of the rut
Out of the same people
I've been changing inside and out
But everyone can't catch up
I need something...
To pull everything else along
See different people
The people who have been there all along
But without my knowledge..
I fell behind
I missed it
But now I have the same people
Every day, Every week, Every year
I have the motivation
Put away in a place far from the door
I miss what I want most
In a new place
With a new door
Within my reach
But now it's gone
It's dissapeared
And I didn't even know what it opened to

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