The Door

I do, somehow, remember that I’ve been here before –
I recognized the color and sound of this old door –
So odd it seems to me and… all at once… so good
To find a piece of you in this forgotten wood

My mind brings back to me the odor of your skin –
As I re-live in memories and on the floor I lean –
Some laughs between the walls, some tears, but most of all
The large smile on your face when walking through this door…
You used to come and kiss me and tell me ‘bout your day
While taking on your breast my weary head to lay,
Caressing me with passion like only lovers do –
For loving you had I, the only love I knew

That’s why I’m here today: I came prepared to bury
This too-much-of-a-burden that I was left to carry –
When I’ll walk out this room and close, behind, the door,
I’ll lock you there inside with “I’ve been here before”.

by Harthman Carpio Munteanu

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