The Door

I open the door
to barking dogs
heart beats roar!
I slam it closed,
lean against it
hoping to
shield the terror
that eats me alive
Deep inhalation,
calms the beast inside
while guttural pitching,
reverberates into
jellied knees, wobbly stomach
then, snap! chaos into order
'I firmly resolve',
strength building within
'with the help of thy grace',
to face my demise
or whatever it is
Opening the door,
with grim expectations
I'm greeted by jumping
and licking Dalmations
definitively marked
in black and white
lavishing me
instead of biting!

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (3)

No, no this is not about being is about facing your fear...which usually ends up to turn out better than you expect! thanks for the comments~ warmly, adrienne
You sound like me 'always fearing the worst.' :)
Great poem Adrienne--