The Doppel Gang

Poem By Reece Kaye

Doolin Dalton-Digby, the genetic scientist
An utter fuckin genius, although permanently pissed
He liked to light his farts to start the party with a bang
Then high fived all his clones who all made up “The Doppel Gang”

The Doppel Gang, when partying, would always end in bother
Mainly coz they spent all night, just mimicking each other
They’d always smash the gantry, knock the bottles off the shelf
Aye, Doolin Dalton’s Doppel Gangers, would start a fight with themselves!

Comments about The Doppel Gang

Just another night out in Dalton! Ez
Tee hee hee er, 'Reece'! Apart from the farts (or maybe not apart from the farts) sounds just like the forum. t x

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