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The Double Rainbow

Once I saw a rainbow
Over the ocean blue
Encompassed by a shadow
Of every color and hue.
It was a double rainbow
Most beautiful to see
and underneath the rainbow
Were two sails upon the sea.
I think it was God's message
Quite old, and get still new
It takes both rain and sunshine
To make the lovely view.
As we go along life's highway
A lot of rain must fall.
But we can find the rainbow
When the sun shines over all.
So, if you feel discouraged
And don't know what to do
Just trust for God's own sunshine
To bring a rainbow over you.

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this is a very good poem. when i was in 4th gread we had to memerize a poem and tell it to the class. so i chose to do this one
Love your rainbow poem...It rain here today and just seen a double rainbow...One is over the other...I think it is my first time seen 2 rainbows.. God bless