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The Down Side Of Black

Black is confusion, delusions, and nightmares
Black is the blindness of empty feelings,
And the emptiness of a black hole
Black is dark and invisible, there but not there, all at once.

Black is a hopeless war with pounding drums and pelting dirt
Smokey skies and smoldering charcoal scattered about
The stench of dead animals and the putrid odor of scorching flesh.
THAT is black.

Black worms it’s way into your mind,
Mysterious and slimy, disturbing your thoughts
It clings to you, burning and haunting,
Churning and taunting.

Black lives in a cave, burrowing a hole of it’s own
Waiting for you. It brings upon fear, pain, and torment
Then erupts like an underwater volcano,
Enveloping you with darkness, there’s no escape.

As funeral music plays in the background, and your voice echos around you
You feel the end, and you know it was black
The confusion, the emptiness, the war, the torment, and the death,

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