The Downfall Of Calhoun

It was interesting enough to comment such a relentless notion of action, but this oblivious man, standing in front of Jackson, quivered over the very presence of his president. Knowing that his deceitfulness may come to a closed end relatively shortly. A notion as such, to display revulsion over the Secretary's wife, with no restraint! ! Jackson's grief over his beloved Rachel caused an uproar within his heart. Now in first term, seeking a togetherness of his cabinet, to no avail from this wretched, slithering snake named Calhoun! ! May have been born in the same Caroline yet raised on opposite ends of the world and was no Jacksonian. A cockamamie fool was he! Now Van Buren, with such splendor, would make his way up the totem pole of the grandeur of General Jackson. Firm as Old Hickory was he, so he thought. Regardless of its affirmation, Calhoun would now faces the consequences from the hero of New Orleans.

by Brendan M. Rumney

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