The Dragon's Web - On Building A Web Site!

An Irish dragon? Why not? Most things Irish are pure fantasy so why not an Irish dragon? But an Irish dragon for a mother? Why not, again? Most mothers are dragons so why not an Irish mother: -)

Leastways, that's what most children think until they're well into their fifties, or so, by which time, these self-same offspring are coiled (ha ha) for their own spring into immortality so that once again, they repeat the pattern and become dragons to their own children.

This time round, though, they become a litte indignant at being considered dragons. Whether male or female, believe me, whoever is reading this little diatribe, your offspring will make a far more fierce dragon than ever you had been. It is the way of the world. As each 'model' supersedes the next, it automatically becomes bigger, better, higher, shorter, smaller, tougher etc. etc. and so forth as quoth the one time King of Siam who was an infinitely fierce dragon himself when he came to removing some of his more weighty pieces of apparel. His headpiece must've weighed as much as a full harvest of grapes. So heavy was it, that he never bothered to wear it at all which only goes to show what a dragon he was. As for his codpiece...well, we won't go into that at all for dragons don't wear them any more. They prefer to invest in metal shields, so highly do they value their little cods.

Farewell we say then to our green dragon for this is the first experimental page of a website which I am about to design.....and what fun for a dragon! ! Especially THIS Dragon...the fiercest of them all..... and the sweetest. (I would ask you, my children, to kindly put your gabbling tongues right back into the cavity that some would call their mouths.....where they belong.) I do not wish to know of your opinions on this most fascinating of days...the day of the website. The Dragon's Web.

Afore I go, do you know how the word ‘fire’ came about...that wonderful red glowing flame as spouted by a dragon? Well, let me tell you: it comes all the way from Ireland. Indeed it does and it is the only explanation as to why dragons come from Ireland. The f from flame plus the ire from Ireland and what do we get? A whole lot of flaming ire. F-i –r-e! Hence, the Irish Dragon!

Everything is so simple, my dears. An explanation for everything.

God bless ye all with love from Ye originale ould Irishe dragon herselfe.

by Margaret Kollmer

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