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The Dragon Within
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The Dragon Within

Poem By Annette Baldao

Eric is my friend.
He makes animals out of wires and tubes.
Sometimes, he draws on his head.
I giggle.
"Never fear the dragon" he says.
I don't know what he means
But, I say "Okay!"
When we have the same "class",
We make fun of Nurse Lloyd.
(She has a big butt and funny color hair.)
"Never fear the dragon" he says.
I say "Okay!"
I like it when he pushes me on the swing
So my toes touch the clouds.
Eric says I'm the prettiest girl he's ever known.
Although I no longer have long bouncy ringlets
To gather in a shiny pink ribbon.
He also said he's punch me if I told!
"Never fear the dragon" he says.
I say "Okay!"
Our hugs and secret smiles
No matter how brief - help us through
When the dragon's breath is near.
"Never fear the dragon?" I ask.
"That's right!" he says.
Through the rivers of rain on the window
I watch the swing sway crookedly in the wind.
Nurse Lloyd said the dragon came for Eric today.
(She has a big butt and funny color hair.)
A smirk invades the tears of my loss.
My toes may never touch the clouds again.
I sigh!
But in 3 months - more or less,
They'll be running on top of them.
I'll see my friend Eric
And the dragon will be far behind.

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