The Dragon

Dark green above and gold beneath
He was a wonderous sight
But points and wings and tail barb
Were as black as deepest night

Now below him lay the city
Empty now, the people dead
No man, no woman, no child played
And those not dead, had fled

For its towers were tumbled down
The walls just dust, not stone
While through the vacant streets and alleys
All the winds did loudly moan

Glancing here and seeking there
Flicking his long forked tongue
Confused, his mind reached for one man
As above the city he hung

Yet even that mind was silent
Killed by the city's foe
But the dragon knew who they were
As he left the city below

by Marilyn Shepperson

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Marilyn, I've always loved dragons, and wanted to write a poem about one. Now I can sleep in peace knowing this is written. Beautiful flow, love the poem!